Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sweet Baboo, Updates!

I've really slacked on the blog. My child, up until late last week has been incredibly needy, I've spent my days with her in my arms, never getting out of my pj's, just taking care of her needs. I cannot complain, I've loved every minute of it.

She was diagnosed with Reflux on 12/4. Long story short, she was put on Zantac. It helped some, but not enough! She had her 2 month appointment on 12/23 and she spit up and fussed in front of her doctor (miracle!) and the doctor realized that there was something wrong, so she prescribed her Prevacid. She's been on Prevacid since 12/24 and she is a totally different baby! We've actually gotten a few smiles!! They are few and far between, but we got them! She gave her cousin Lily a really big smile the other day! She fusses legitimately now, only when she's tired or hungry!

Her 2 Month Checkup:


23 inches, 11 lbs, 14.5 oz! She is in the 75th percentile for length, weight and head measurement. As her Dr. said, she is "perfectly proportioned". She is a chunk considering the reflux, she sure doesn't have a problem eating!! She gets chunkier everyday!

She got her 2nd round of immunizations. She didn't feel good for a couple days afterward.

We are hoping she is going to keep the blue eyes, BUT, we noticed in the last day or so, her left eye has a "drip" of color and it is brown! It remains to be seen, she could have my brown eyes or her Grandfather's green eyes or she could be faking us and still have blue eyes. Whether or not she will have red hair remains to be seen! It looks awfully red/auburn in the sunlight, so we are still hoping for red hair! Either way, she is the cutest baby on the planet! lol

I start back to work on Monday. I love my job, but I am really sad about leaving her. She has become an appendage! I am really going to miss her. We lucked out and found a daycare that is fantastic. We couldn't be more excited about it! It will be like leaving her with her Grandmama, so that makes it a whole lot easier.

Once I am back to work, I will be able to update the blog more regularly on my lunch hour!!! I will be posting some pictures shortly!!

Happy New Year!!!