Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Charley's 1st Christmas!

To say our little girl is spoiled, is an understatement. Between her dad and I, Grandmama, Mimi & Gramps and all her Aunts, she made out like a bandit!

She got her first American Girl Doll, a Bitty Baby, from her Grandmama. Age appropriate toys from her Mimi & Gramps, books, a ladybug backpack from Santa(how appropriate!)to name a few!

Getting into her stocking:

With her booty from Santa:

Passed out from all the excitement:

With Mom & Gigi at the Aquarium:

With Grandmama:

With Mimi & Gramps:

With Santa at her daycare:

With Santa at Lenox:

With Mom & Dad:

At 2 Months:


Voss Family said...

Those pics are so great! Such a cutie pie!!!!!! I need to hold her and see her in person!!!!

Calkins37 said...

She is still so gorgeous!! :)
Must see her SOON! And her mom too!!