Monday, March 30, 2009

Blink & She's 5 Months Old, Has Two Teeth & a Certified Bow Head!

It has been awhile once again. Life is just passing us by. I couldn't tell you what we've been up to since the last post. Charley was baptized on February 23rd. The pictures are on the upstairs computer, so I will have to add those later today. February 23rd is also the day we noticed that she was "probably teething". It took her about 3 weeks to cut them, but she has her two bottom middle teeth, and they are razor sharp! She is working on about 4 others. Yes, 4!!!!!

She is growing like a weed and learning new things. She has learned to scream, it is awful and she thinks it is funny. She really enjoys practicing. She loves her dad. She has started exhibiting "stranger anxiety", which is normal according to the milestones chart. She won't let anyone hold her except mom & dad and the people she sees a lot, it takes her a minute warm up. She has really brushed up on the fake cry. It is so funny. She smiles at Jake. She babbles & coos. She is up at 5 am everyday, even on weekends. She can sit by herself for a few seconds, in a few weeks she should be able to hold herself up for awhile. We still don't like solid foods. She takes cereal in her bottle, but hates it from a spoon. We tried green beans, and she's just not ready. We suspect in a few weeks she'll be eating solids like a champ. We aren't worried, it is still early for solids. I have to remember that the ones who are doing this already are the exception, not the rule. She seems to be developing "by-the-book", only ahead on some things and "right on schedule" with everything else. She is doing fantastic and is such a joy. She's our little angel!