Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Smilin' at the Bedpost!

I really wish we had had our camera handy this morning! Every morning we listen to The Bert Show as we are getting ready for work. The alarm clock on the bedside table wakes us up to the local station every morning.

We sat Charlotte in her boppy chair on the floor outside the bathroom as we were getting ready this morning. We would take turns talking to her and playing peek-a-boo to keep her content. After about 45 minutes, she got bored, we think, so Daddy put her and her chair up on the bed. After a few minutes, I heard, "Are you smiling at the bedpost?" I came out of the bathroom to investigate, and sure enough, she was smiling at the bedpost. We watched for a few minutes and Jeff Dauler was talking and she would smile at the bedpost and the morning show would start laughing and she'd smile at the bedpost. LOL! It was the cutest thing ever. She thought the bedpost was talking to her! She would turn her head toward the sound of the radio and just smile at the bedpost. Good times!