Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Mayo! Our One Year Anniversary!

There is DEFINITELY a baby in there!!

Saturday night we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. We did some research on restaurants that ranked in the Top 10 places to eat in Atlanta. We chose Nava, one, because it had a Mexican flair and two, we thought it would be a fabulous place to spend a wonderful evening. We were disappointed. The best way to describe it is, it is the kind of place I’d go with a group of friends or if I was on a first date, it would be the place for a guy to take me to try to give me the impression he is hip and trendy and “in-the-know”. The food was so-so, but the service was excellent. We were looking for more of an intimate romantic dinner for two, not all of hip and young Atlanta. We decided we were definitely taking the loooong weekend for two next year that we were going to take this year, but decided not to when we found out about Gobbles. Grandmama, mark your calendar!!!

Matt & I before leaving for Nava

Our actual anniversary was yesterday. We celebrated by going to El Charro, only the best Mexican food in the world, and we went home to have a piece of our thawed year old wedding cake. I got to thinking, why do we save the top of our cake? I looked it up and there really is no good reason, it has just become a tradition. We like traditions, so we had some and it was REALLY GOOD!! We were pleasantly surprised how well it kept! The fact that I was reminded how good the cake was, helped me finally, one year later, get over the fact that my cake maker only captured ½ of my vision and presented me with a cake that looked like a 3-tiered birthday cake that my nephew scrawled our monogram on himself. Lol! We talked about the last year, and how wonderful it has been. Who says the 1st year of marriage is the hardest?? If that was hard, then we’ve got it made!!

The HORROR! It's funny now!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Feeling Gobbles Move!!

Everyday I have a new ache or pain, and it’s only going to get worse! lol I’m loving every minute of it and Matt and I have been getting a lot of good laughs at my expense. I am finally getting my energy back, slowly but surely. I have actually stayed up until 10 and 11pm 3 times this week!!! That is a great feat!!

I felt Gobbles move early, at about week 11. I was driving home from work and I felt a strange sensation, like a flutter. I thought it was my imagination. I felt him/her a week later and mentioned it to two of my sisters. They agreed that I was most likely feeling the baby. They both felt movement early too with my niece Riley and nephew Owen.

I haven't felt the baby again until this week. Monday and Tuesday, I felt funny flutter sensations about 30 minutes after eating my morning pineapple and strawberries. I have read that sugar will get a fetus pretty active. I had Jalapeno potato chips with my sandwich at lunch today and there has been a rapid flutter at 1 minute intervals for the last 5 minutes. I hope that means he/she likes hot and spicy!! A true Beck Girl (or Boy)!!!!!!