Sunday, October 12, 2008

No More Perinatal Appointments! Yay!!!

On Friday we went to our regular weekly Perinatal appointment to check Charley's progress. She is still doing well and STILL hiding her face in the ultrasounds. She is determined not to let us see her beautiful face until she is born! We got set up on the fetal monitor and FINALLY there is a pattern to my contractions. They are 5 minutes apart, steady but not hard enough to go and have the c-section early, YET. We met with the Doctor after the monitor and he decided not to make an appointment for next week AND told us he did not think that I would make it to the 20th and to be sure to send them our birth announcement. Since next week we were supposed to get her next estimated weight, I asked him what the percentage of his offices estimations were. She was 9 lbs 11 oz last week and if she is truly gaining a lb a week, she will be estimated at 11 lbs. 11 oz at the time of the c-section. He said they are usually off 10 oz. up or down. So, she very well could be 11 lbs 1 oz at birth! I still cannot believe it!! He told me to go home and walk to help things progress and get started and when the contractions get painful to call my OB. Well, Matt has been making me walk all over creation and up stairs and everything is still the same as Friday. I met my mom and Kimberly at Locust Grove yesterday to get Charley's new Halloween costume, one that will fit her, and we walked and walked and nothing. Kim noted that I have dropped since I last saw her. I hadn't even noticed, although that explains why suddenly my shirts do not cover the ample belly and I've caught myself out in public with an exposed belly. It is so embarrassing! lol You'd think I would notice a breeze! So, I'm still having every 5 minute contractions but not increasing in intensity. Of course, I'm not bothered by it, I'd like her to come after 2 pm Friday, then I won't have to go back to work until January 5th. At this point, what is 5 days in December? Either way, I'll live, but I want those 5 days with Gobbles! :)

8 days or less until Baby C arrives! We are so excited! <3 <3 <3


Carey said...

I'm thinking about you and Baby C and wondering if you've gone earlier than the anticipated c-section!

Baby A just weighed in at 11lbs 13oz! I have a strong feeling I might be on that c-section train with you!

tami said...

11 lbs! My god that kid is going to come out walking!

Anyhow, just thought I'd check in on ya. Take care and big hugs!