Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby Day Scheduled & Ugly PIH!

At our last Perinatal Specialist appointment last Wednesday, Charley's weight was estimated at 9 lbs, 11 oz. Holy Mackeral! At my OB appointment on Thursday, the midwife, Patti said she felt more like 8 lbs, 11 oz. That would make her estimated weight at birth, 11 lbs. She did an exam to see if things were progressing, of course they weren't and she said she couldn't feel the baby's head, meaning she is not engaged in my pelvis. She said normally at 35-36 weeks if the head cannot be felt it usually means the baby "probably won't fit". I am so lucky, I tell you with sarcasm! Anyway, we made the decision to go with a Primary C-Section due to her estimated size and the risks of injury to myself or Charley. I had a message today that it has been put on the books for October 20th!

OH NO! My Mother-In-Law is also having surgery on the same day at the same hospital. I tried to get mine changed, but it just cannot be done. I just found out that we both have to be there at the same time! How crazy is that? Please keep us both in your prayers!

I had my 37 week prenatal appointment yesterday and once again, I am swollen from head to toe and my blood pressure was high. Why can I not cooperate with just over a week left? I also had protein in my urine, AGAIN, and as a result, I am having to another lovely 24 hour catch and they took blood so they can check to make sure I am not sick and developing pre-eclampsia. So, I had to take today off which in turn will make my last day of work before leave next Friday instead of Thursday...that is, if they don't decide to take Baby Charlotte earlier than the 20th due to the PIH!

I am so excited, I cannot wait to meet our lovely little ladybug. I was hoping to have a relatively easy last 2 weeks. I am thankful they are not going to make me go to 39 weeks as originally planned. I have my 2nd to the last appointment with the Perinatologist today. They want to "discuss our options" with a large baby, after the ultrasound. There is nothing to discuss! lol The c-section has been scheduled! :)


Carey said...

Hey Heather!

It's so close at this point can you believe it? They have felt the baby's head with me so we'll see if he can get through. With him being big they are going to risk shoulder distocia if they let me go to 40 weeks. I have an OB appointment in a few hours hopefully there's been some change.

I have another weight estimate next week. He was 7lbs 8oz two weeks ago - I'm hoping that when he appears he's under 10lbs but we'll see.

With the C-Section, make sure you take your time, rest and let people do stuff for you. Sorry to hear about MIL in hospital at the same time. My Grandmother has a doc consult about 80 miles away on the 20th that my Mom was supposed to take her to - oops. Luckily my Uncle will take her instead.

I've been swollen since 18 weeks - but no PIH with me. No pre-eclampsia or toxemia either so I'm gonna chalk it up to the fact that I like salty foods!

Good luck - and if you have your comp at the hospital with you make sure to put up pics of beautiful little Charlotte!

Carey said...

Meant to tell you I nominated you for an award on my blog so check it out and display if you want :)