Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lookout Kindergarten, Here Comes "The Weasel"!

My precious niece Riley, started kindergarten today, this day seemed so far off and it has finally come. She has been so excited about riding the bus! I cannot believe she is growing up! She is the first baby in our family and time really flies. Seems like yesterday when I flew up to Maryland to help for a week so mom could get some sleep! Here is a small sampling of Riley with her Aunt Heather over the years.

Me & The Weasel

Cheering on the Buffalo Bills with Oscar & Meadow

At Chuck E. Cheese on her 2nd Birthday and Visit to Grandmama's

At the Girl's Bridal Shower

Princess Riley

First Day of Kindergarten!!!


Calkins37 said...

She is too cute!!