Friday, August 15, 2008

29 Weeks & Braxton Hicks!

Yesterday was my 29 week appointment. I was eagerly anticipating it because I would find out if my due date would be changed or if I would get another ultrasound. At every visit we listen to her heartbeat with a Doppler. This visit, you could hear the heartbeat, but you could also hear her moving around. My midwife (Patti) said, “She sure is active!” I responded, “She sure is, I’m convinced she is going to be an Olympic Gymnast, she keeps me up at night!” We concluded that she didn’t like the Doppler because she KICKED it!!! We had a good chuckle over that.

We measured my belly, I don’t know what it was, but Patti said something about it being bigger, and I said, “oh yeah it is large!” My bubble burst from a few days ago! J

Two very exciting items, one, I start going to my prenatal appointments every 2 weeks now! Home stretch! It’s very exciting and scary at the same time! I am having some anxiety about the labor & delivery; but we are taking a birthing class in September, so that will help to relieve some of it, I hope! Two, we get to see the Ladybug again!!! YAY! The doctor scheduled another growth ultrasound for September 2nd. Because she was measuring big at 27 weeks, they want to check on her again. Patti thinks I’m just going to have a big baby! I hope they are wrong. I have several friends who were told they were going to have 9-10 lbders and they were less than 8 lbs! That gives me hope!

So, Wednesday morning, I had terrible stomach pains that made me nauseous. It is hard to explain the pains, but they were off and on all over my belly. They only lasted 5 minutes, but they hurt like the devil! Being a first time pregnant lady, I asked about them yesterday, knowing full well it was probably normal, but I had to ask! Patti said they sounded like Braxton Hicks contractions. I thought they weren’t supposed to hurt!!! Well, indeed they can and do!!! She said I should be getting more and more of them now that I am in the 3rd Trimester and then told me to pay attention when I have them, that 7-8 an hour is not normal, and told me what to do should that happen. Well, I haven’t had anymore until today. I had lunch with Carrie and Joanna and they started after lunch. They hurt like the dickens! I’m not complaining though, I am blessed and thankful and I wouldn’t want it any other way!