Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm a Human Weeble Wobble & Other Updates!

First Purchase for the Baby is finally hung!

It has been a very busy month for us. I flew to Dallas in late June for a Strategic Writing course my company wanted me to attend and I was fortunate to go a few days early to visit with Gigi (my gramma). She and I had a great time, I got her out of the house and took her out for margaritas! It was so good to see her and check on her, because we always worry about her, but she still doesn't want to move to GA and she is doing just fine. I cannot wait to see her again over Christmas.

While I was gone, Matt took the opportunity to get the nursery painted. He had this vision for the walls and we picked the paint colors before I left. He ran with his idea and when I got home, I could not, (actually, I could) believe how incredible the room looked!! He did such a spectacular job. Baby Charlotte is just going to enjoy her room, it is a work in progress, but it will be fit for a princess when it is done!

No, the wall on the left is not a different color, it is just the glare of the lights. :)

My last prenatal appointment went very well, everything looks good & we scheduled my follow-up ultrasound to ensure Baby C is growing for July 29th. We are really looking forward to seeing her again and hopefully this time we will get better photos!

Over July 4th weekend we made the trek to Charlotte, NC to visit our very good friend Heather. We got to meet her bohunk for the first time and we really had a great time. We really like him and are so glad to see her so happy! I was a trooper and was able to hang pretty late for me these days! Our furbaby, Jake stayed with Grandmama and didn't want to come home!! Mom informed us that he really took to her friend Glenda and never left her side. He is such a human!

During our visit, Baby C started kicking even harder, so you can actually see the movement of my belly now, it was a great moment for me and even better, Matt finally felt her kick for the first time!! It has increased our excitement so much more and cannot wait to meet her!

Last night, the glider chair finally arrived and we also finally finished the craft project for Baby C's room. I should be getting the window panels I ordered by Friday and the bedding is still in limbo...I should've just bought it locally, but I found it online for $60 cheaper and free shipping!! So nearly a month later, I'm still waiting on it to arrive. I guess that is the price to pay for a bargain!

Matt & I painted these letters and I found wooden ladybugs to affix to a few of the letters. I'm OBSESSED with ladybugs!
I'm really excited, Kimberly, Owen, Lily C & Mama C are coming by tonight to see the progress on the nursery and I am hoping Kim's keen eye for maximizing space can help us arrange the room so it looks cozy, not cramped. I absolutely have to have a bookcase and it's funny how a room shrinks! I need her assistance, desperately!!

Everything is coming along and speeding along at an accelerated pace. I really hope time slows down! I will update again after our ultrasound on the 29th!

The belly, 24 weeks, 1 day


Calkins37 said...

Everything is absolutely precious! The room is precious! The paint job by Matt is precious! The art project is PRECIOUS! The new glider is Precious!! and Your Baby BUMP IS PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!
Love you both!

MrsMoma said...

This nursery is precious!!! Your little Charley is going to LOVE it! I have to give props to your DH, he did great.

Trina said...

Love your nursery! The paint colors are awesome! What bedding are you going with?

Jennifer and Carlos said...

LOVE the room... it's coming along so nice!