Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Charlotte!

Yesterday Matt & I went to our follow-up ultrasound at my OB’s office recommended by the Specialist we saw in June, just so they could measure the growth of “BC”. At the same time, I had to do my one-hour gestational diabetes test. The orange glucola was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. It tasted like old school McDonald’s orange drink. I hope I pass, but based on what the ultrasound tech said, I’m a little nervous. (I’ll get to that in a minute!) Even if I fail, I have to go for a 3-hour sugar test and that test will determine if my days of ice cream and fruit are over for the next 12 ½ weeks. (I say that because those are my only “vices”, really, I eat pretty healthy most of the time with the occasional indulgence!)

We had been eagerly anticipating yesterday morning, so we could get a glimpse of our baby girl one last time before she is welcomed into the world. She is so cute, she looks just like me, haha, just kidding, you cannot really tell on an ultrasound, but she definitely has her daddy’s nose! The ultrasound tech said she looks really good and didn’t see anything alarming. They measured all of her parts, looked at her organs and measured the amniotic fluid. I will probably get those results at my regular prenatal appointment on August 14th.

The ultrasound tech asked me, “You don’t have diabetes do you?” I told her no, but that they were doing my sugar test today for gestational diabetes…I was silently freaking because her question could mean one of two things, I am about to embark on a bland diet with needle sticks for the next 13 weeks OR I am going to give birth to an enormous baby. BC is measuring 28 w 5 days (as of yesterday) and is 2 lbs 3 oz. The specialist in June had her measuring ahead only 3 days from the original due date, but nearly 2 weeks is a big deal!! They have not changed my due date yet, but the tech said I am probably just going to have a big baby. God help me! If they do change the due date, there is a great possibility she will be born at the end of September! I am not prepared; I need my 11-13 weeks! So, we shall see what happens.

To give a breakdown of the differences in ultrasounds:

Original due date: October 31st: Makes me 26 w, 4d

Specialist measuring 3 days ahead, June 5th: EDD October 28th: Makes me 27 w, 2d

Yesterday’s US: EDD October 16th: Makes me 28w, 6d

I think I’ll stick with the middle for now, which means I start the 3rd Trimester on MONDAY!! WHOOP! WHOOP!

Here is the last ultrasound of Sweet Baby C!


Voss Family said...

Oh my goodness she is soooooooo cute!!!!!

Karissa said...

Well, I hope your test came back negative to gestational diabetes. I get to do mine tomorrow. I tagged you on my blog if you feel like sharing a bit more about yourself. Check out my blog for more details.