Tuesday, July 21, 2009

9 Months Old!!!

We have our 9 Month Checkup on Friday, so I will post her stats, although she is thinning out some. My chunker is growing up and I am sad about it!

In the last week, she has become picky about food again. She will only eat oatmeal and bananas, everything else she spits out, and not in normal fashion, she has to do the "raspberry spray" spit, so not only does it get on me, but the kitchen walls. It is hard not to laugh and we try not to let her see us laughing, but we are trying to teach her that that is a no-no. She's like her father, she doesn't listen! lol just kidding.

We have been up on all fours rocking for about 3 weeks, still not crawling, she goes backward. Now she pushes up onto her feet, so her feet and hands are on the floor. Sunday, we tried holding her hands and she took steps. She is really enjoying walking assisted. She is not yet pulling herself up and I have only seen her sit up from a lying position once. She somewhat holds her own bottle, she can do it, but prefers to be waited on hand and foot.

My hunch is she can do all these things and probably does them at daycare, but she refuses to do any work at home. That is okay, I like to gradually let go! She is so sweet and good! She hardly makes a peep. She is giving spontaneous smiles and laughs all the time now, has learned to clap, she waves, I still can't get her to say my name. She is a Daddy's Girl, he is her preference and that is okay too.

This is a shot her dad sent me this morning, getting ready for school.


Pigtails and Puppydogs said...

She's an adorable little chunker!

Anonymous said...

She is growing so fast! I haven't visited your blog in so long and I can hardly believe how big she is now. It's bittersweet huh? Enjoy every minute! :)