Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Valentine’s Day Masterpieces

I have lots of updates to do. I really slack on this blog thing, but between being a fulltime employee, a wife and mother, it is really hard to find the time. I thought I would be able to do it on my lunch hour, but that hour is the only hour a day I get to myself…and ½ the time, I work thru lunch! Once Baby Charlotte starts sleeping thru the night, I may have the energy to update as often as I’d like.
We spent Valentine’s evening at Wired and Fired in VaHi. We had the best time. We went there last year, before Valentine’s Day and had such a great time that when we found out they had a Valentine Special we signed up quickly. We kind of think of that place as good luck and will probably be making it an annual must do! You are allowed to bring in food and beverage, so we took a bottle of wine and stuffed olives and some dip and set out to paint something. I don’t think either one of us knew what we were going to do, but like all things these days, Charlotte was our inspiration. I bought her some “stuffed flowers” as part of her Valentine. The idea was to put them in the turquoise vase in her bedroom but they were too small and looked funny, so when I saw the heart shaped vase, I knew I was going to paint it for her. Here it is, it turned out great!

Matt, oh Matt. His Little Ladybug has him so wrapped around his finger. I am in awe of his painted creation and he makes me swoon. It is the cutest thing ever. I’ll explain, but here it is:

He had seen something in a movie or something, where a little girl lost her tooth. Her dad told her they needed to make a trail of Fairy Dust from the window to the bed so that the Tooth Fairy can find her. He is going to fill the little base with pink glitter and when the time comes, he and Baby C are going to create the trail. SO SWEET!

BC also received her 1st Valentines from all of her Grandparents. Grandmama got her her first "Babin' Soup", and THE CUTEST Ladybug float and Bambi. She is going to be so cute at the beach this summer!

Look at this float! I've never seen anything like it! I fear my obsession with ladybugs! There is just too much cute ladybug stuff out there! I hope it is something Baby C will continue, but I've probably set her up to hate them. They have just been a HUGE symbol of luck for me and when we found out she was a girl...well, the craziness began...

Here is the bug herself on V-Day:

Lots more to come, I have to post pics of Aunt Carrie & Uncle Bruce's visit, her Baptism is this coming Sunday, so I will have to post those pictures, 4 month appointment is Monday, and some milestones hit since my last post. So much! So little time!