Friday, September 5, 2008


That is me, in a word! I had my follow-up to the follow-up growth ultrasound on Tuesday. As indicated in the post below, Baby Charlotte is a chunk! 5 lbs, 6 oz!! The actual weight could be off a lb up or down, either way, she’s huge. The textbook weight at 31 weeks is 3 ½ lbs. So, I’m definitely having an enormous baby!

Last week at my 31 week appointment, it was noticed that my feet were swollen (a lot more than usual, and so were my hands, arms and face), so they checked the protein in my urine and it came back positive for protein. SO, I had the lovely project of a 24 hour catch on Monday to take to the Doctor so they could test it and decide if I had pre-eclampsia. I got lucky after the ultrasound that the midwife was in the lab while I was getting my blood drawn, so we were able to have a conversation. She asked me how often I was seeing the specialist and I told her I wasn’t, I only had to go the one time. She told me I do not have pre-eclampsia, but that I do have gestational hypertension. She wants me to start seeing the specialist weekly so they can monitor me and check BC’s growth. I told her, well, she’s huge! She asked if the ultrasound tech got a weight on her and I told her yes and gave it to her and her jaw hit the ground. She said that it was good though, because with hypertension, the concern is that the baby isn’t big enough. We certainly don’t have that problem! She said she would probably be 10 lbs or more at term! I KNOW! I’M SCARED!!! Lol She said they will either induce early or do a primary c-section, they wouldn’t be that mean! Comforting. I know I have to do one or the other, why can’t the stork myth be true?? Hopefully after our Birth Class on Monday and Tuesday, my anxiety about giving birth will be minimal. You just don’t think about that part of it!

Unfortunately, because BC is so big, she will probably not fit in any of her newborn clothes! I'm so sad!! I have two outfits for her first picture, I think one will work because it ties in the back, so even if she is as large as they say, we can fake it! I also have the cutest going home outfit...the bonnet definitely won't fit her noggin! Grandmama bought her a newborn ladybug Halloween is so cute, I will stuff her in there like a sausage if I have to!

Due to the hypertension, I will start a reduced work schedule on September 15th. 6 hours a day, this will be nice. It is getting harder and harder to lug myself around.

My first Specialist appointment is Thursday, 9/11 and then my regular prenatal immediately follows. My hope is that I will know a direction they are going with the revelation of how big BC is.

The nursery is finished! We have a few more things to purchase, but it is finally done! Dad put in a lot of hard work! The room is perfect!! He did an incredible job.


Carey said...

I can totally relate! I just found out at a fetal growth and anatomy u/s last week (my 31st as well) that our LO is weighing 5lbs 3oz! I'm as freaked as you are. I have an appt with my DR in about an hour so I'm hoping I hear what you heard. The only plus I can think is that if they get here before Halloween it'll be easier to find costumes that'll fit, right? LOL.

Good luck!

Calkins37 said...

Oh Heather...the nursery looks amazing! I cannot wait to see it in person!! :) Love you

Leslie said...

Oh my word! You weren't kidding. I bet you are ready. lol

On another note, you look absolutely amazing and so does the nursery!! Keep me posted!

Carey said...

Well my doc was not as nice as your OB haha. He said we'll do a trial of labor so I'm just figuring LO is gonna come out the natural way whether I like it or not!

Love your nursery! I really am now wishing I had done designs on the walls of ours (or walls are also green - a celery stick). I especially like the Hello Kitty on the bedside table! Hope things are going well and you stay cool and comfortable during these last days of summer!

tami said...

Pregopottamus has got to be the funniest word I've ever heard! You look awesome! And I LOVE the nursery! Take care and big hugs!